Mental Diagnostic/ Mentale Diagnostik: the basis of Mental Training and Mental Coaching

Find the power of SportMind – the victory is in your head.

We work with athletes’ psychology to improve their performance

SportMind reveals the unconscious part of human experience. It advises mental coaches about the athletes ? psychology. SportMind immediately pinpoints the team or individual problems. Such a diagnosis can be used by both the coach and the mental coach in the short and long term.

Gain and observe tangible changes while the athletes’ does a fast and entertaining game. By game we mean diagnostics. By engaging the subconscious mind into the analysis results are reliable. After the diagnostics is finished you hold the precise information about your athletes’ mindset. See all of this in one place, in one account, anywhere, anytime and secured.

In long term use the data to make calculated decisions to maximize your athletes’ potential or the whole team potential. SportMind helps coaches and mental coaches to point out the athletes’ problems as well as their potential. With SportMind you can see whether the athlete is able to push his body to the limits or he needs rest, support and motivation. Based on the findings, coaches can: motivate players, teams, set up a suitable training program, line-up the players etc.

During the game day you can verify how the athletes’ are ready to meet their today’s challenge. SportMind gives an eye-opening self awareness to the athletes.

Need help with interpretation: count on us and consult anytime you need. To get SportMind just call or send an eMail.

SportMind results

The results of SportMind give a clear advice to improve mental strength per athlete and allow to follow up the athlete’s stepwise improvement.

1) Mental and body balance
Here we receive information if „body controls will“ or „will controls body“. In other words whether the athlete is able to push his body to the limits or he needs rest, support and motivation.

2) Mental Energy
Shows how much mental energy the athlete as currently available or if he needs mental regeneration or … .

3) Energy expenditure
Indicates where the focus of the athlete goes.

4) Energetic mode
Tells if the athlete is in a „victim mode“, a „neutral mode“ or a „creator mode“.


The method

SportMind reveals the unconscious part of human experience, to improve perfoemance. The diagnostic is based on the patent-registered Color Association Method (CAM). It identifies associations and attitudes through using colors as a reaction on specific terms.

CA-method is different to common questionnaires, using words or numeric scales. It is a combination of projections-techniques, being used in psychology for decades, and scientific know-how from neurology, medicine and sociology.


SportMind is fast and easy-to-use


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